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Bund Shanghai
Dominion House specialises in managed procurement from Asia, working with companies who are currently outsourcing or looking to do so in the future.  Production specifications are provided in a format that local suppliers will understand and, because Dominion House project managers are fluent in their language, suppliers feel comfortable contacting them to discuss concerns or questions as they arise.

By engaging Dominion House to take charge of your procurement cycle, you can avoid the risks and stresses of doing business in an unfamiliar environment and feel confident that your needs are being communicated to the supplier effectively and without confusion. Everything is handled in a transparent manner, with invoices paid direct to the factory, and all shipments are required to be inspected and authorised prior to shipping. Dominion House tests against international standards using certified laboratories and can even provide a video report so clients can visually inspect their products prior to shipment.

Outsourcing to Asia may seem intimidating, but reaping the significant cost benefits is well within reach of most organisations as long as they have a sound strategy in place and engage an experienced guide to help them navigate this lucrative landscape. 
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