Dominion House’s Managed Procurement is a solution for companies that wish to invest in their own success with professional supply chain management services in Asia. The key objectives for Dominion House executives are to negotiate favourable deals directly with qualified suppliers and manage all aspects of the supply chain to ensure smooth delivery of goods and services. This approach is a means of having a presence in the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets with the minimum of risk, and growing Low Cost Country savings in an orderly manner through the establishment and maintenance of a reliable supply network across Asia.

At your service in Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


In a world-first, Australia’s leading industrial designer for architects, TILT, created a massive heliostat installation on the eastern tower at One Central Park that ‘incorporates an innovative system of fixed and motorized mirrored panels designed to capture sunlight and redirect it into the retail atrium and onto the landscaped terraces'.

Working from technical drawings, Dominion House identified and managed a group of quality contract manufacturers in China to produce to specification and budget. Machined aluminium extrusions, custom steel hinges and imported mirrors from Spain were assembled offshore and delivered on schedule.


‘Dominion House was a critical project partner and contributed significantly to the overall success of this project. Offshore procurement was necessary for the financial success of the project and Dominion House ensured a positive outcome. Dominion House managed our offshore procurement process and facilitated our quality control with great attention to detail and professionalism. We would not go to China for another large project without Dominion House’.

Tim Phillips, Managing Director, TILT


Offering a vast purchasing and supply network, we manage the manufacturers and distributors you need to get your product made to standard and within budget, or sold to satisfied consumers. Our clients in Manufacturing, Design and Construction access quality strategic sourcing and distribution services to cut costs and reduce risk.

Established Partnerships

Qualified design, certification & logistics partners

Project Managed Success

Cut costs and reduce risk with manage distribution solutions

Control & Access

Guided distributor visits and face-to-face meetings

Direct Control of Asian Supply Chain

Distributor pays you directly for total transparency

Account Management

Local support and regular progress reports on exports

Cross-Cultural Cooperation

Experienced executives in Asia facilitate on-time shipments of quality product

Quality Assurance

Distributors get quick access to product safety certificates

Global Compliance

Manufacturing to international standards and client requirements